Improving supply chain management operations

Current Scenerio:
The CEO of Voltz HGV, a manufacturer of electric and hybrid heavy good vehicles, has recently seen in the news the importance of supply chain management during the Covid 19 pandemic and other natural disasters. He has heard lots of buzz words on resilience, lean, and supply chain performance systems, such as SCOR amongst others. Market intelligence suggest that Voltz HGV’s biggest competitor excels at managing their supply chain.
The CEO has hired Napier Consulting to develop a report and undertake a desktop study. The CEO wants the report to inform him on:
• Approaches to assessing its supply chain performance,
• Evaluating and recommending potential performance measurement system in order to develop Voltz HGV’s supply chain.
Required Answer for these question.
Step. 1.Evaluating appropriate supply chain performance measures/models.
Step-2. critical argument of relevant supply chain models/concepts from multiple sources, (supported by references) have to underpin discussion.
Step-.3. critical evaluation of how they could improve the way they operate, including implications, challenges, and weakness.
Need answer ASAP..(answer should be in two thousand words,

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