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in-class video #2 and Peer Evaluation Submit Assignment ·         Due Monday by 11:59pm   ·         Points 10   ·         Submitting a text entry box, a website url, a media recording, or a file upload In-class video #2 Assignment Instructions: Engagement Activity: Are you labeling yourself? Do these labels stop you from being who you want to be? Others labeling you can become the labels you give yourself. In order to decipher what barriers are stopping you, you need to listen to your self-talk, often just a whisper. We can be our own worst enemies. Listen to yourself then tell or yell yourself to STOP IT, if there is negative self-talk.  Remember that the words that follow I AM are what you BECOME.  Who do you want to become? To validate each and every person, you must accept who they are: their emotions, their thinking, and even their actions.  It does not mean you agree perhaps but accepting is the key.  Let’s work on finding out a little more about ourselves. It is often easier for you to think of positives for others than yourself. Considering you were not born with negative perceptions of yourself, what caused these perceptions? How do others’ perceptions of you differ from your perceptions of yourself? Why do you think this is? Think or jot down notes you will use for your counselling session.  Counselling Session:  In-class video #2: Your goal is to do a five-minute video using the skills you have learned and the topic of the engagement activity.   You will be in a group of two or three people and take turns as the counselor, and the client.  Take a five-minute video of the counselor, using your device (cell phone, laptop, tablet).  The client does not have to be in the screen, just the counselor for confidentially. The client will share their thoughts on what they learned about themselves from the Engagement Activity.   The following counselling skills are to be demonstrated in your video: Counselling Session Skill Expectations: Reflection of feeling Reflection of meaning Five Stages:  1)Rapport and Structuring  (Hello, what would you like to talk about today?) 2)Defining the problem (So tell me precisely what you see as the problem?) 3)Ideal outcome (How do you want this to be remedied)  4)Alternatives (What are the different ways we could solve this?) 5)Transferring (Which alternative do you want to do this week?)       Peer Evaluation #2: Once done your 5-minute video, complete a peer evaluation on one of your team members and submit the assignment, as well as send a copy to the team member that you evaluated. #2In-Class Interview Session & Peer Evaluation #2.docx Introduction to Counselling and Communication Skills In-class Video & Peer Evaluation #2 Name of Counsellor in video: __________________________________    Date: _____________________ Person Completing Form: ________________________________ Weblink to access the recording of the counsellor being observed: Weblink to access YOUR video as the counsellor:  Instructions: Provide feedback that is specific and observable, nonjudgmental and supportive.          Rate the counsellor by placing a mark on the line and completing questions below. Reflecting Feeling:          Did not reflect_____________________________________________________Reflected clearly Reflecting Meaning:       Did not reflect_____________________________________________________Reflected clearly  Summarizing:                    Ineffective  _______________________________________________________Effective         Stage 1:                No/ little rapport  ________________________________________________________Healthy rapport Stage 2:                No concise definition_____________________________________________________Defined problems Stage 3:                Unclear goals_______________________________________________________Clear definition of goals Stage 4:                No conversation flow____________________________________ Guided individual to form alternatives Stage 5:                No follow up_________________________________________________________Defined clear actions Stages of an Interview Comment on each section: Provide at least one clear/concrete example of being in this stage with explanation. I.e. what was said and why it belongs in this stage. Stage 1 Rapport and structuring       Stage 2 Defining the Problem       Stage 3 Defining the Ideal Outcome     Stage 4 Generating Alternatives       Stage 5 Transfer and Generalization           1.       Specific positive aspects of session.   2.       2 (SMART) Goals for future sessions (for the counselor):     Rubric In-Class Video & Peer Evaluation 2 In-Class Video & Peer Evaluation 2 Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePeer Evaluation Written examples and feedback 4.0 pts Examples are clear and accurate to the skill. Feedback is concrete and applicable.  Clear demonstration of knowledge of skills. 3.0 pts Examples written reflecting skills; however, clarity was lacking for effective feedback 0.0 pts Examples were not effective for the counsellor to use as feedback. 4.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePeer Evaluation Goals 2.0 pts Goals are clear, concise and measurable. 1.0 pts Goals lack clarity 0.0 pts Goals do not align with skills or tasks associated with assignment 2.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePeer Evaluation 2.0 pts Peer Evaluation, with video of counselor being observed, uploaded correctly and opens easily. 1.0 pts One did not occur: Peer Evaluation uploaded correctly, video of counselor being observed uploaded and easily accessible., 0.0 pts No peer evaluation available 2.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSpelling Grammar 2.0 pts Well organized & clearly written•No errors in spelling and or grammar•Submitted on or before due date 1.0 pts •Generally well organized & written•Follow format•Minimal errors in spelling and or grammar•Submitted on or before due date 0.0 pts •Poorly organized•Does not follow format•Major repeated errors in spelling and or grammar (more than 5 mistakes)•Not completed in a timely manner. 2.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeYour Session Attachment/Link 3.0 pts Session correctly attached, easily opened and at least 5 minutes long 2.0 pts At least one of the following was not demonstrated: Session correctly attached, easily opened and at least 5 minutes long 0.0 pts Not attached and did not meet the required length 3.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeComprehensive use of skills 7.0 pts Counselor demonstrates an excellent ability to effectively and appropriately utilize all counseling skills outlined in assignment. 5.0 pts Counsellor demonstrates a strong ability to effectively and appropriately utilize all counselling skills outlined in assignment 3.0 pts Counselor demonstrates the use of a range of counseling skills outlined in assignment 1.0 pts Range of skills used was too narrow and/or skills incorrectly applied 7.0 pts Total Points: 20.0 PreviousNext

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