In this section, you will identify and briefly summarize one specific topic

For this week, your online assignment is to write a short reflection paper
(1-2 pages in length). Your reflection papers should be typed, double-spaced, with
normal margins. Papers don’t need to be longer than requested, unless you desire.
The short reflection papers will call for you to observe, feel, reflect, analyze, apply, and
integrate the information in the material from the week. The format for the reflection
papers is as follows (make sure you include all sections):
Section One: Summary of specific topic from the week’s material
In this section, you will identify and briefly summarize one specific topic covered in the
readings and content slides that was the most interesting to you. This should be what
you go into more detail about in the analysis section of your short reflection paper
(section two).
Section Two: Analysis and Integration
In this section, you should provide your analysis of the specific topic you summarized in
section one (analyze and critique it). This is your opportunity to include your viewpoint
(there is no correct viewpoint, but viewpoints do need to be supported with evidence/an
argument). You must include at least one quote (properly referenced including
author(s), year published, and page number) from an assigned reading to support the
arguments/claims you are making in your analysis. Please distinguish your quotes by
using quotation marks. The quotes should be used to illustrate a point you are making
or an aspect of the reading that you plan on analyzing in your short reflection paper.
Section Three: Application
In this section, you are to find an example of a topic covered in the week’s material.
This does not have to be the same topic you summarized and analyzed in sections one
and two of your short reflection paper (if you do pick a new topic, make sure you provide
a short summary/description of the topic). Your example can be a news article, website,
video, or journal article (basically anything you can cite). You must properly cite your
example using APA format and include a detailed discussion of why your example
illustrates the topic.
Section Four: References
You will also need to include a separate Bibliography/Reference section, properly
formatted (APA style when possible), indicating the sources referenced in your short
reflection paper.

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