In what regions of the world would the burden from household air pollution be the greatest?

Online Discussion #4
Read Chapters 7 and 8. Be sure to include the number of the question in your answers. To receive full credit for the online discussion, you also need to make two responses to other students’ responses.

Answer all of the questions this week each atleast 150 words. You have all been working so hard in this course. I appreciate how much time and energy you are giving to this class.

1. In what regions of the world would the burden from household air pollution be the greatest? What are YOUR solutions to the problem of air pollution (be creative). (CH. 7). Cite your textbook at least once (page number only).

2. According to Skolnik (page numbers required): What parts of the world have the worst nutritional problems? What SOLUTIONS can you suggest to solve these problems?? (CH. 8) Cite your textbook at least once (page number only)

3. Movie Choice. You will be selecting a move to watch this week.

Please take the time to watch the whole movie. I trust you to do this…

Please give your thoughts/feelings about the movie you selected and reason you selected it.

a. “I am because we are” (this is a free movie; you can google the title of the movie along with the word “Madonna”); this movie takes about 90″ to view.

If you have older children in your life (at least HS age), you may want to ask them to watch this video with you. Many of the students in the past recommended this option so just think about it. There are some rough parts in these movies. I have, personally, experienced many of the events in these movies – and worse. While this is now an older video, and the HIV/AIDS numbers are more manageable, many if not most of the cultural traditions continue.


b. One of the movies below that are available below (your choice)**

**Here are the titles of other movies you could choose to watch (some of these are only available with Amazon Prime; some are available on you tube). To find the movie, google the title – most are available for free online:

a. Dengue: the hunt for a vaccine

b. Spillover: Zika, Ebola, and beyond

c. World war Zika

d. Ebola exposed: the terrifying modern plague

e. Ebola: the story

f. Unseen enemy (excellent about diseases worldwide); if you have already viewed this movie for another course (eg Community Health), you are on your honor to select a different movie for this assignment.

g. Sister (an intimate portrait of a global crisis)

h. Pandemic: how to prevent an outbreak (Netflix only); Choose any two episodes to watch.

Note the deadline for the Online Discussion. No late entries will be accepted except for extenuating circumstances as determined by B. Beard. Decisions are final.

NO editing after you post answers without permission from instructor. If you edit, without permission, you will receive 0 points for your answers for the OD.

See course syllabus for word count minimums.

As usual, please make two responses to your colleagues’ answers.


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