Indian Community Sample Paper

Stereotyping of the Native Americans had become a significant part of contemporary society. Whether from spoken or unspoken, conscious, or unconscious action – everyone feels like they are entitled to own and use the Indian community and its culture as they see fit. From commercial entities, costumes during parties – Halloween, sporting events, marketing schemes, and popular entertainments such as Hollywood and music has largely affected the American Indian community. The long history of the Indian Americans creates the sense that they can be utilized for all purposes, including commercial purposes and they are high sellers show the profound degradation of the American larger society towards the respect of the Native Indians culture. The lack of general understanding of the enormous changes and strides made by the Indian community shows the pervasiveness of how they have been stereotyped. Hollywood entertainment depicts the Native Americans as a savage community continuing the stereotypes and discrimination that has shaped the perceptions towards the community. The sports mascots are a sustained lack of respect towards the Native Indians following the refusal to discard the offensive caricatures. The selling of Indian spirituality to generate profit is a total disregard and disrespect to Indian American’s way of life and cultures. This presents the epitome of the mainstream and American’s contemporary society’s ignorance of the modern American Indian community through negativity presentation of long history and past. Thus, illustrate a denial to seek an apology and offer redemptions paving the way to a path of mutual healing – instead, is a continued trend of advancements of stereotypes, discrimination, stigmatization, and prejudices towards the modern Indians.

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