Intergroup contact Psychology

Allport and Williams thought that intergroup contact should highlight similarities between the two groups. During our lecture on mediators of intergroup contact, when discussing the role of intergroup knowledge, we discussed the benefits of highlighting differences between groups. How might highlighting the differences between the two social groups, especially with regards to cultural knowledge, lead to more harmonious intergroup relations?
Group of answer choices
A) This is incorrect, research shows that focusing on similarities between outgroups promotes more favourable attitudes
B) Highlighting differences allows the ingroup to feel less threatened.
C) Highlighting cultural knowledge allows individual outgroup members to demonstrate that they are not culturally similar to their group. This slowly disconfirms stereotypes
D)This is wrong, research shows that focusing on factual knowledge promotes more favourable intergroup attitudes
E) Highlighting cultural differences provides explanations for the outgroup members ostensibly strange behaviour

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