International Marketing

This essay will be assessed broadly against the following assessment criteria, that you have:

 Applied your understanding of marketing concepts to concrete examples and decision making tasks
 Gathered information, analysed situations and summarised complex information
 Presented complex ideas clearly within a strict word count (3,000 words)
 Written a professional essay which combines well sourced data with application of theoretical concepts in identifying the specific problem focused upon
 Provided well justified and well supported suggestions regarding appropriate strategies for the organisation in tackling these problems.

Assignment task

The Chief Executive officer of SUGɅR France Phone is planning to enter The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) market. As an International Marketing Consultant, SUGɅR France Phone requires you to select any product (existing or not currently on the market) and any country market within the ASEAN Region. You should develop a strategy for market entry for this product based on a clear analysis of the marketing environment. This should be presented in a report format. The report should draw on and apply key marketing concepts and reliable data to support your analysis and key suggestions.

You must provide a clear justification as to why you selected this product.

Develop a comprehensive profile of market segments and prioritise the market segments which you intend to target and justify why

Discuss the political, economic, socio-cultural, legal, environmental considerations and technological environment and how this influences the proposed strategy

Consider any other relevant issues

Make clear, well justified recommendations which result from your analysis

1. Give good reason for your chosen product
2. Discuss the key cultural or sub-cultural considerations that will influence your entry strategy (for example, will this result in adapting the product, reconsidering the positioning of the product, developing business relationships or the nature of service design?).
3. Analyse environmental factors that need to be identified and considered prior market entry, and explained within the context of the case
4. Analyse all the strategic options open to the firm to achieve the ASEAN region’s market entry, and outline any potential difficulty involved in each option. What factors should the firm take into account in evaluating these? Based on this evaluation advise the firm accordingly
5. Provide practical implications for SUGɅR France’s international marketing planners
6. Report format, clear layout, double line spacing, consistent referencing in the main text and the references section.
7. Figures, Tables and References are not part of the word limit.

Within the report you should identify countries you feel would present an opportunity for SUGɅR France and those that you feel do not. You should make clear to SUGɅR France the issues you feel they would have to deal with in opening up these markets.

When developing your case study think about how the situation and practice you learn about relates to module lecture topics. You should prepare your assignment in such a way that an overview of the key challenges is presented, a set of strategic responses are proposed and these are justified. In doing so, reliable data should be combined with relevant theory to support points made. Think about how you can use some of the frameworks we have discussed in the lectures to structure your material.

In compiling your case you should draw on a range of material including but not limited to: academic articles, news reports, market research reports and company annual reports. You must make sure that you reference all material that you use accurately to avoid plagiarism.




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