Internship integrated analysis

9.6 Integrated Analysis Guidelines. Times Roman, 12 Font, Single-Spaced

  • This is the final report you submit according to the date in the syllabus.
  • Title page (No running head!) See Sample Report Formats.
  • Text of report (in five major sections as defined below)
  • Appendices (properly labeled as “letters” and referenced in your report in order of discussion, except Appendix A and B as defined below):
  • 1.Purpose. One or 2 paragraphs that introduce your organization and define your role in the learning experience.
  • 2.Project Accomplishments or Learning Experience Discussion. Describe your plan and your role in what was accomplished. Typically 3-4 pages.
  • 3.Concept Integration and Application(applying management theory to your project, learning activity and/or any experience in your internship). This is where you relate your internship into management theories, and the theories should directly relate to one of the above.
    • Management theories may be found in 350 texts and a number of texts are on reserve in the library.
    • A good source for initial exploration of possible theories is . ( Pull down tab: Strategies, Methods, Models and Theories. ( You will have to register first and it is free for a 30 days and then you are charged. Make sure you cancel before the 30 days expires)
    • Another good internet source is
    • This section is typically 3-4 pages.
  • 4.Personal Reflection is where you reflect and critically analyze your learning experience. This section is typically 1-2 pages.
  • Conclusion is where you discuss what you learned and draw some general conclusions. This section is typically 3-4 paragraphs. Where I did the internship



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