Interpersonal Communication


Goals List and define the four elements of communication. Identify the methods for effectively communicating with others. Apply knowledge of proper communication methods to client and colleague interactions in a veterinary practice. Determine the importance of using and observing verbal and nonverbal communication. Prepare oneself to work with clients and coworkers as part of the patient care team. Establish adequate communication skills for use in a veterinary setting. Instructions Describe techniques for being a good listener. What can you do to clarify what a client or coworker is saying to you? Also, describe some ways you can communicate clearly so a client or coworker will not only listen to you but fully understand what you’re saying. Be sure to include the following: Body language Nonverbal communication/gestures (including possible cultural differences that might arise) Paraphrasing Eye contact Discrimination and prejudices Patient records/handouts and brochures Any other pertinent information you deem important Next, provide at least two specific scenarios that relate to dealing with others in a hospital setting, and how and why you might use the previously mentioned techniques in these scenarios. Be sure to include multiple examples from the list above. Describe how those techniques would be used in your scenarios. These examples may include conflict with a coworker, conflict with an employee, dealing with a difficult client, or having an emotional conversation with a client. NO WIKIPEDIA!

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