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TEXTBOOK: GLOBAL CRITERIA The 12 Core Functions of the Substance Abuse Counselor: JOHN W. HERDMAN ( SEVENTH EDITION)

(Furthur instruction will be given once the Bid is excepted

Objective 3: Demonstrate the interview, assessment, diagnostic, and treatment plan process.

A clinician takes many steps to determine what is best for a client who comes to him or her for help.Clinicians must interview, assess and refer, diagnose, and then create a treatment plan for clients.The treatment plan becomes the road map for the client and clinician to follow to reach the agreed upon goals.Having the data gathered helps show the rationale behind the developed plan, and the plan itself will then be used throughout treatment, amended throughout the process as needed.

Learning Activity #4: Treatment Plan

Refer back to the case study and accompanying assignments from Week Three.Based on the assessment report and recommendations in said report, create a 2-4 page treatment plan for the case study.

To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be addressed.

  • Brief description of the interview response
  • Screening form already completed
  • Assessment form already completed
  • The three components to the treatment plan already completed
  • DSM-5 Diagnosis of the client already completed
  • Ranking of client problems most severe to least severe
  • Create one short-term goal and long-term goal
  • Present the theoretical treatment approach, such as CBT for example
  • Support services for client, such as 12-step meetings for example
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