Intro to Substance Abuse Assignments | Online Assignment Services

textbook: Concepts of Chemical Dependency 10th edition, Harold E. Doweiko.

Read Chapter 28 of your Doweiko textbook and in the discussion forum address the following:


  • Using scholarly sources to support your thoughts, explain the concepts of screening, assessment, diagnosis, and data privacy.
  • Discuss the theory behind substance use assessments.
  • Explore the author’s assessment format and expound on the outcome of the assessment process and where that leads us in determining treatment.
  • Learning Activity #4: The Process of Recovery Discussion

    Read Chapter 32 of your Doweiko textbook. In the discussion forum address the following: ¾ Provide a list of circumstances that may impact a person’s decision to seek treatment. ¾ Include a list of common methods of treatment in current use. ¾ Provide a summary in your own words of the stages of recovery. ¾ Discuss the concept of treatment failure in relation to relapse and explore what you would consider progress.

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