Introduction to Management environments: SWOT Analysis

The Unit 2 Assignment extends the work you did in Unit 1 regarding the competitive and macroenvironmental
factors that impact a business. For this assignment, you will prepare a SWOT analysis using the company and
environmental factors you analyzed in the Unit 1 Assignment. As a reminder, strengths and weaknesses are
derived from an organization’s competitive environmental factors (including rivals, new competitors, customers,
substitute services, and suppliers). Opportunities and threats are derived from an organization’s
macroenvironmental factors include laws and regulations (including the economy, technology, demographics,
and social values).
● See Assignment 2 template.
● Using your research from Unit 1 as well as at least one other external source from the university library,
prepare a SWOT analysis for your chosen organization (selected in Unit 1).
● For an example of a SWOT analysis, see “Skechers USA, Inc. SWOT Analysis.”
● To aid you in your research, check out the library’s “Business Resource Guide” under “Academic
● Specific research databases you might find useful include “Business Market Research Collection” and
“Business Source Complete,” although you may use other sources as well.
● Keyword search terms you might find useful include “SWOT,” “competitive analysis,” or “strategy” plus
company name.
Assignment Checklist:
● Using the assignment template, complete a company overview describing your chosen company.
● Complete a SWOT analysis for your chosen company, including at least one strength, weakness,
opportunity, and threat.
● Utilize at least one external source from the university library.
● Your submission should include a title page, company overview, SWOT analysis table, and reference
● The paper should be at least two double-spaced page in length (including the SWOT table), using size
12-point font.
● Assignments are due Tuesday 11:59 p.m. ET of their assigned unit.
Once completed, submit your assignment to the Unit 2 Assignment Dropbox. . ET of their assigned unit.
MT140: Assignment Grading Rubric
Item criteria Points
Content, Focus, Use of Text, and Research:
● Completed overview for your chosen company.
● Describe at least one example of a strength, weakness, opportunity, and
threat for your chosen company.
● Utilized provided assignment template.
● Utilized and referenced at least one external source.
Analysis and Critical Thinking:
Responses demonstrated critical thinking and analysis and exhibited application of
MT140: Introduction to Management | Unit 2 Assignment
Spelling, Grammar, and Format:
Clear business writing. Spelling and grammar are acceptable. Formatting follows
instructions. All external sources are properly cited and included in reference list.
Total Points 40

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