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RESEARCH ARTICLE REVIEW 1. Choose a peer-reviewed QUANTITATIVE research article on a topic of interest that could be incorporated into your role as an advanced practice nurse. You may need to review your undergraduate Research textbook for help. There is also an article suggested in the readings. (For example: use of a certain antibiotic vs. another antibiotic in the treatment of community acquired pneumonia). This article can not be a clinical article. It must describe the research conducted. 2. Write a concise summary of the research article (2 pages or less).

3. Evaluate the research presented for its scientific merit and applicability to practice.

4. Determine if the findings are statistically significant and/or clinically significant.

5. Discuss how this research will impact your practice as an APN.

This total paper should be no more than 5-7 pages in length

provide 2-3 pages of content, and one reference page

I will make the cover page. all I need is the content, and reference page. please and thank you.

I will provide the article, cite article and APA format. I have provided the main article, you may choose more references if it will help you with the paper.

background for myself, I am an ICU nurse who takes care of ventilators on a daily basis, some patients are ventilated for more than 3 days, we give broad spectrum antibiotics to cover pneumonia and try to cut down on re admission after discharge. I plan on being a ER/ICU Nurse practitioner and what steps I would take to cut down on ventilator associated pneumonia with my prescribing or practicing.


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