Jig Hills Like White Elephants


Module 2: Short Story Reflective Essay Instructions: Choose one of the topics below and write a three page essay. Make sure you address every point in the question and use textual evidence from the literature to support your points. Before planning and drafting your essay, refer to the reflective essay instructions and grading criteria on pages 5-7 of our syllabus. Also remember you may not write this essay as a text-submission (i.e. you may not type your response into this box). You must type your essay as a Word document, use Save As, browse your computer (below), and attach the document for submission. For this essay you should first choose one of the characters from one of the six short stories we have read and discussed together: Sylvia The Lesson Sammy A & P the narrator Birdsong Jig Hills Like White Elephants Connie Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? the grandmother A Good Man is Hard to Find. Then, after completing the planning steps, discuss the character you have chosen in the context of one of the prompts below. Choice 1: Reflect on three personality traits and how these traits effect the outcome of the story. Choice 2: Reflect on your character’s motivations and desires in the story and how they propel him or her into change and realization. Choice 3: Reflect on your character’s growth pattern in the story and how he or she moves from lack of realization to the beginning of realization to full realization

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