Law Enforcement Personnel Management

You did an assignment for me last week ( CJUS630 Unit 4 IP) and this is an add on of three more pages with extra questions.


Topic: Law Enforcement Services for Crime Prevention

Details: In your meeting, how will you respond concerning whether community policing is the panacea for the city’s problems?
Since the police department has been operating with a traditional law enforcement mentality for more than 30 years, do you envision any problems with officers and
supervisors within your department in moving toward a community policing and problemsolving
approach in performing their assigned duties?
If so, how will you handle their concerns?
Using specific elements of the police organizational structure, where does it appear that you would need to reorganize the department, especially to accommodate this
change in policing philosophy? Explain.
Do you foresee a change in the officers’ workload as a result of the proposed changes? Would the workload be reduced or increased? Explain in detail.
What types of information would you use to evaluate the progress of your new policing initiative?
Identify, cite, and discuss the most recent research, both pros and cons, related to community policing and problemsolving
What is the importance of planning with regard to crime prevention? Explain in detail.
What types of crimes are the most difficult to plan for with regard to prevention? Explain.
How would you improve the planning process to further prevent <a href=””>crime</a>? Explain in detail.
What is the importance of personnel management with regard to crime prevention? Explain in detail.
What do you recommend to effectively manage, train, and retain personnel to improve crime prevention? Explain.

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