Law of Organizations (UK)


you should use footnotes to identify legal sources and references in any appropriate manner; even if you would not normally do so for the types of matter in question (such as producing a memorandum). This enables you to evidence the learning outcomes relating to research. If you do so, then you do not need to include a separate bibliography.  The Project is marked out of 100. There is no specific allocation of marks to the separate parts of it. At Level 5, it is a matter for your judgement as to the relative weight you give to each part of your Project, so you will not receive any guidance on how to allocate your word count between the different parts of it.  For this Assessment you will be assessed against these Assessment Criteria: o Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of relevant legal principles relating to the creation and running of the principal forms of business organisation in England and Wales o Analysing factual materials to identify relevant legal issues o Demonstrating research skills to locate and select relevant primary and secondary sources o Evaluating or applying relevant law to the facts as appropriate, with reasons, to support a conclusion, advice or opinion o Presenting an answer, advice or opinion using an appropriate structure o Expressing an answer, advice or opinion clearly and concisely, using correct grammar and spelling and using appropriate technical legal language where relevant

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