Some say the public’s perceptions about media bias may also have been influenced by the growth of media watchdog groups, such as Media Matters and the Media Research Center, which track inaccurate reporting, media bias and political gaffes. Often financed by wealthy partisans, the groups comb the media searching for examples of perceived right- or left-wing bias.“Part of their message is, ‘The other guy is lying to you,’ ” says Jurkowitz. That helps to convince the public that “the media are biased,” he says. Others say fact-checking groups such as PolitiFact and may also have increased the perception that the media are biased” (CQ Researcher 2013, p. 406) Post your responses to the following questions: Should journalists try to be objective? Has the proliferation of media watchdog groups fostered perceptions of media bias? Support your arguments with evidence from reading/research.

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