life review analysis

interview a male 75 years old from india. and do week 4 assignment-document attached

Write directly in the template after each section, answer the questions there. Using APA format.

A title page is not required when you USE the template

Reviewing module 1 readings/video lectures are very helpful in you are unsure of the difference between life review and ordinary remembering or the benefits of life review.

There is no formal, published scale for Ego Integrity- So you can use a 0-10 scale. Then, 10 is reaching ego integrity-decide where your client is and give rationale for your rating. An Erikson source is required, including an in-text citation.

Reference list should contain 3 sources minimum; usually students find sources on the benefits of life review for support of their thoughts. Remember to use in-text citations for your sources (APA format). Sources are not required to be peer reviewed. For APA, your references need to be used in the paper.

This is an APA paper, so indent paragraphs, double space, use proper grammar, use level headings, type in Times New Roman size 12 font in black ink, avoid contractions, etc.

When in doubt, read the template instructions and the rubric.

We look forward to reading your papers!

please fill out week 4 assignment, use apa format, current references within 5 years,

use week 3 assignment as a source of questions to ask the individual








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