low cost and differentiation strategies

Review the combination strategy debate in the text as it relates to Porter’s low cost and differentiation strategies. Is he correct when he warns against attempting to combine low cost and differentiation strategies? (Porter believes the strategy to be a 100% organization-wide endeavor where everything is set up to support efficiency for low cost – or innovation for differentiation) In other words, should businesses seek high performance through a combination strategy or should they minimize the risk of being “stuck in the middle” by concentrating their efforts on either low costs or differentiation? Explain why Porter is right or why Porter is wrong – in detail!

In this answer, make sure to demonstrate a strong understanding of the low cost and differentiation strategies in the post.

The Initial Post is your opportunity to demonstrate your depth of understanding of the assigned chapters and your research. I’m looking for a cohesive argument based on evidence! It’s not your opinion but your ability to formulate a coherent argument based on evidence that matters in the post.

Initial Posts are. At a minimum the post should exceed 250 words (only including the body of the post), use APA citation guidelines based on the 7th edition of APA, and include at least two outside, academic (journal articles) sources in addition to the textbook.n

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