Machine Metaphors


Important: Instructions for u03a1: Please read and respond COLLAPSE Additional Instructions on u03a1:  Read and Respond Begin by reading the syllabus instructions very carefully. They are as follows: Submit a 3–5 page analysis (not including cover page, table of contents, and references page), typed and double-spaced, where you: Analyze the overall functional structure of a traditional organization (including its business strategy) utilizing the machine metaphor. This analysis may be from recent literature or gathered from an actual organization. Evaluate the organization’s functions (marketing, operations, finance, and so on) and its values and principles from a mechanistic frame. Analyze the strengths and shortcomings of the machine metaphor as it relates to your selected organization. Where appropriate, examine functional differences influencing global boundaries. Refer to The Organization as a Machine Scoring Guide to learn how this assignment will be evaluated. Examine the assignment objectives and requirements and the grading criteria in the scoring guide table. Note that one of the criteria on which your assignment will be evaluated is the effectiveness of your written communication. When finished, submit your completed assignment for grading and instructor feedback. Also post your paper as an attachment to the first discussion in this unit for your colleagues’ review. Comments Pick your study organization carefully. Be sure it is one with ready references for you to use.  Be sure it has an international or global environment so that you can answer the fourth question. Because of my experience as the editor of a management journal for 15 years, I know how important and sometimes confusing it is to order your thoughts in a logical way. Because of my experience as a graduate instructor, I know how learners sometimes are confused as to what to include in a paper and what headings to use. Academic writing is very structured and very formal.   I am going to use these additional instructions to help you structure your work in a logical way that is sure to cover all the gradable points in the assignment.  Therefore, here are the first-level headings I would like you to use. They are directly aligned with the various grade criteria on the Scoring Guide. Please use these exact headings to ensure that your answers are integrated to the corresponding Scoring Guide criteria.  You are free to use however many second-level headings you feel are appropriate. Be sure to follow APA guidelines Abstract* Introduction** Using the Machine Metaphor as a Lens (Explain the machine metaphor here) Functional Structure of XYZ (your organization’s name goes here)  Discuss how the organization is structured and apply the machine metaphor to your analysis) Evaluation of XYZ’s Functions, Values and Principles  (Again, apply the machine metaphor to this discussion.)  Focus on the functional divisions (HR, marketing, R & D, finance, and production as well as the company’s values and principles using the machine metaphor.  Show how the machine metaphor can be applied or why it cannot be applied. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Machine Metaphor to this Case (Explain the strengths and weaknesses of this particular metaphor in describing or analyzing this company. You are NOT analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Functional Differences Influencing Global Boundaries (What functional differences does the company encounter across its global boundaries?  Relate if possible to the machine metaphor.  Does the machine metaphor, for example, apply less well in some areas than others?) Conclusion References Notes: *Be sure you know the difference between an abstract and an introduction. The abstract is a short, executive summary of the entire paper including findings. **APA style does not use the heading “Introduction” but you should have a brief introduction to your chosen company and the purpose of the paper.  Be sure you have a clear problem statement or thesis. A sample problem statement for this assignment might be something like:  This paper uses the machine metaphor to analyze the functional structure of XYZ, evaluate their functions, values and principles, analyze strengths and weaknesses of the machine metaphor to this case, and examine functional differences influencing global boundaries.”

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