Management and communication

As an expert in management and communication, recommend to Chen a strategic management solution by creating an effective communication system using the management process of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Support your recommendation with scholarly literature and integrate the Bible throughout, stating relevant biblical principles. DO NOT RESTATE THE CASE. (At least 1000 words)

This week you will be working on your communication case study assignment, which should not present any problem for you.

First, this assignment is very subjective in that no two solutions will be exactly alike, so you have quite a bit of academic freedom with this assignment, but be sure you write a correct Abstract, and a correct Introduction; these are the areas that members of the class have the most difficulty. Here is the problem:

Some people in the class are writing research papers as if they are written especially for me; this is incorrect. When you write your research, papers pretend that I am not your instructor and know little to nothing about your research topic. If I am not familiar with your specific research area, you will have to provide clear explanations to clarify anything that may not be clear to me. Many people are still writing abstracts by starting out in the middle of their research and expect me to understand what they are attempting to convey. Many of the introductions have the same problem.

When you begin your Introduction, you need to introduce your topic before you begin with your research information. Many papers are still coming through without a thesis statement or statement that is closed-ended. In other words, they are not arguable. Thesis statements should be arguable. The solution to all of this is to spend time order to understand your topic and do not wait until the last minute before submitting an assignment.

The impression I get when I read some papers is that the writer does not understand their subject-matter, and this comes through as I read each paper.

Communication Assignment

Your task is to find a solution to a communication issue where work-overload is an issue. I do not believe there is a perfect solution to this issue because work-overload is directly related to job dissatisfaction, and “job-burnout.” The primary solution as I see it is to reduce the overload, but that may not be one of your choices. In the real world, if you are a supervisor and you are attempting to get the cooperation of other employees while overloading them, you are not likely to find a perfect solution. However, I am not going to be grading hard on your proposed solution, but I will be looking at how well you present your information, and how well you can support your position.

Your Reading Assignment for this week is Merida pp. 193-210, and Jones and George, chapter 13. The instructions are located in the course documents under Course Content, Week 8.

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