managing chronic diseases – HIV/AIDS Assignments Get Homework Help

Address the following topics in your paper:  How do lifestyle choices and behaviors result in this disease? Role of marketing that contributes to disease   Cost of disease on health care system – locally, nationwide, and globally Current prevention efforts and methods available Your position (opinion) part of the paper should:  Analyze and evaluate the high cost of health care and possible changes in our health care and insurance system, address this question:  “Should individuals diagnosed with lifestyle choice disease pay higher insurance premiums than people who live healthy lifestyles?”  Be sure to validate your opinion with support from scholarly sources, providing in-text citations in support.  Written Expectations: Length:  Body of your paper must be 5-6 double-spaced pages, which does not include the additional title page, Abstract page, and Reference(s) page (which are all extra and not part of the 5-6 page paper length).  Format:  You must use correct APA format including Times New Roman 12 pt font.     Note: Please visit the Writing Center on any of the Collin College campuses or the OWL (Online Writing Lab) if you would like assistance with writing your paper.  GRADING CRITERIA 65 points:  CONTENT MASTERY and THOROUGHNESS, addressing all topics 10 points:  CORRECT GRAMMAR, SPELLING, and PUNCTUATION:                   10 points:  VALID SOURCES (Minimum of 3 scholarly sources, supported through in-text citations properly formatted per APA) 15 points:   APA FORMAT                                                                                                 Use correct format and include Abstract and Running head (see template) The following link has some really good and concise information for evaluating the validity of medical sources:  ANY TYPE OF PLAGIARISM WILL RESULT IN STUDENT EARNING A GRADE OF ZERO.  THIS INCLUDES ANY TYPE OF COPYING AND PASTING.  This paper is to be an original work for this course.

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