Marketing Research Process


Unit II Essay The purpose of this essay is for you to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the marketing research process. Having a clear understanding of the marketing research process can lead to more accurate results when presenting to your clients. For this assignment, compose an essay that examines this topic. Your essay should contain a brief introductory and conclusion section. Your essay should also do the components below: Describe the basic types of research design. Explain the differences between quantitative and qualitative research. Elaborate on how the types of research design contribute to the marketing research process. Describe each step of the marketing research process, and provide examples on how each step helps the researcher find solutions to the marketing research problem. Discuss the activities and tasks performed by those in the marketing research industry. Your essay must be a minimum of two, double-spaced pages. At least one academic reference is required. Any information used must be cited and referenced in accordance to APA guidelines, and your paper must be formatted in APA style to include a title and reference page. Paper will be ran through plagiarism checker so work will need to be original.

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