Misleading graphs and Statistics and Probability in the news.Assignments | Online Homework Help

A—Use the internet to find a misleading graph. Key Terms to Search: Misleading Graphs Provide a screenshot of the graph Cite the Source Explain why the graph is misleading Analysis Explain how you would fix the graph so it is not misleading. Explain why the creator of the misleading graph would want to create the graph in the first place. B—Keep your eyes and ears open as you read or listen to the news this week. Find/discover an example of statistics & probability in the news to discuss the following statement that represents one of the objectives of statistics analysis: “Statistics and Probability helps us make decisions based on data analysis.” Briefly discuss how the news item or article meets this objective. Cite your references. Also, keep in mind and discuss how the impact of your study on your patients or staff might differ if you found it in a journal. Please the 2 questions A and B on 1 page each.

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