monitoring mechanisms or management processes

report to design a supply chain risk management plan (in detail below). Put additional exhibits in the appendix. Please try to apply the frameworks we’ve learned in class. We are expecting reasonable and comprehensive risk identification, systematic and rigorous risk assessment, innovative and practical risk mitigation plan, and comprehensive risk monitoring/control system.
Managing (specific) Risks of (Company or Industry Name)’s Supply Chain
Example: Managing Sourcing Risks of Starbuck’s Supply Chain
Managing Transportation Risks of Agriculture Supply Chain
Managing Production Uncertainty Risks of Intel’s Supply Chain
Managing Commodity Pricing Risk of DuPont’s Supply Chain
Please investigate and analyze a specific type of supply chain risk of a specific company or industry, and develop a risk management plan. More specifically, the following guiding questions should be addressed:
Guiding questions
What specific risk scenarios and challenges the firm is confronting? Are these scenarios the root causes that you should start managing? Please provide background information based on the company’s fact or relevant facts from other firms in the same industry.
How does the company assess or quantify these risks? If they do not, can you suggest some way to do it?
What are your suggestions to proactively manage/mitigate these scenarios? Please use the risk management framework to justify your suggestions.
Please suggest monitoring mechanisms or management processes to ensure that your suggestions are executed consistently and continuously in the company.

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