Multicultural Self Reflection

During this exercise, you will be participating in a Photovoice experience. Photovoice is a participatory research and critical thinking method that allows clients and community members to share their experiences and collaborate for change when necessary. Using photographs can illuminate barriers to access, illustrate lived experiences or influence cultural understanding in respectful and supportive ways.

This experience will allow you to express your cultural worldview and your perspective of the world through a camera lens. This is a qualitative, action research technique. The concept owes a debt to the Paulo Freire (Links to an external site.)’s pedagogy related to critical consciousness, feminist theory and empowerment.
you will take and submit three photos of something that is a reflection of your culture and which identify traditions, beliefs, values, rituals and other activities that are a part of your cultural identity, cultural understanding beliefs and acculturative experiences. You will add a reflective label / caption to each photo explaining the meaning it has for you.

Photo Prompt: When taking photos, please keep these questions in mind:

1. Consider the individual(s) who provided core support to you during your formative years (e.g. parents, guardians, other caregivers). Discuss those indiviuals’/environment’s attitudes toward and advice about people who were different from them in terms of socioeconomic status/class, race/ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and mental/physical disabilities?

2. Did you find yourself aligned with any of the underserved populations discussed in this week’s readings?

3. What has shaped your attitudes and values toward marginalized groups?

Remember to add the reflective label/caption/narrative to each photo.



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