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1. What is music for/to you, in terms of experience and significance? When did you first become aware of music? What has influenced your listening habits and tastes/interests in music (and what are these interests)? Family, peers, media, education, etc.? What are few distinct music-related (or sound) memories for you (doesn’t have to be related to film/media)?

Have you been involved in music-making activities or culture (or sound)? If so, in what forms or capacities?

What manifestations of musical culture (artifacts, spaces/locations, technologies) are most significant to you, and/or most apparent, in your day-to-day habituations? Describe some of these, and their significance to you.

What/where are some specific locations/geographies of music experience for you, both in the present and in memory?

2. Contemplate the impact of music (and sound) in film on your experience of a film or media (tv, web, gaming, installations, sporting event, etc). How aware are you of music while in the cinema or other space, experiencing the artifact within the space? Is there a type of music or sound that you are most aware of? Least aware of? Why?

Do you seek out films that are musicals or primarily focused on some aspect of music culture/experience? If so, what type?

3. What areas of music culture/geography/space and film/media are you interested in exploring? Discuss a few specific areas that appeal or intrigue you, and the reasons for your interest.

And, finally, share a list of films, media, games, texts, recordings, concerts, music spaces that have made an impact on you (five or more artifacts).

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