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Use one full page to describe who you are by writing about:your ethnicity, how you see your self, or how you fit within your family, your family structure, your background, your primary language/s, traditions, values, and one thing that makes you proud of who you are.100 pts. Part 2. Use one full page to describe your experiences with gender identity. For example, describe how your family raised you to understand your gender. Does a specific type of clothing, footwear, jewelry, accessories help you express who you are today? Does a certain behavior define who you are? Have you been challenged in any way because of your gender? 100 pts. Part 3. Use a half/ page to describe one person in your life who has influenced you, and what did he/she do to help you become the person you are today? 50 pts. Part 4. Use half/page to answer the following question. “Why is understanding self-identity important?” 50 pts. Part5. Use a half/page and answer the following question. “How will you apply multicultural education in your classroom”? 50 pts.

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