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“Presidential doctrines since the early 19th century have been all about identifying the main security threats facing the US at that particular historical time. As such, they can be classified into three main clusters – pre-Cold War, Cold War, and the post-Cold War. While the doctrines enunciated during each period may be somewhat related to each other, this certainly does not apply across time. In other words, there is no “grand strategy” underlying the past century or so of American security policy.”  Write an essay that agrees, disagrees, or is ambivalent about the preceding statement, by framing it in terms of two of the theoretical traditions (frame the argument in either realist, liberal, or Marxist viewpoints) covered in class, and empirical evidence tied to at least three Presidential doctrines, one from each period mentioned.  In addition, your essay should engage with the following questions (in no particular order): What were the debates about the security threats faced by the US in each period? What were the kinds of interventions (covert or overt) justified by the doctrines you discuss? How – if at all – were they related to each other? In addressing these questions, the goal of your essay is to present a clear understanding of how you view the nature and trajectory of US national security policy, and the existence of a “grand strategy”.  General Instructions: -This is the research paper which we can use any trust sources as long as it’s relevant  – If it is possible, then please include the Bush Doctrine in the essay.  -You don’t need to cite any sources as long as convert it to your own words -My class did not have PowerPoint or articles which will support this essay, this is very much an independent research essay.

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