Nursing student outcome paper


this paper is a reflection of all that I’ve learned over the past two years etc…. RUBRIC:::::Since the time you have started the nursing program there has been student learning outcomes for the nursing program. These learning outcomes are listed in your Student Handbook and in the NUR 210 course syllabus. Below are several questions that are based from these outcomes. Please answer the questions using your critical judgment and resources from previous classes. Please take time to enter thought into your responses. Responses should provide examples how each SLO was accomplished during the nursing program at Fortis by providing specific examples and what one will continue to do in practice. Your answers should reflect critical thinking. Please attach a cover page, and a running head, and do not number the questions. The course instructor will keep this paper in addition to all rubrics at the end of the term to show your progression through the term. Discuss the importance in utilizing the nursing process, critical thinking, evidence-based information, and knowledge from the arts and sciences to support sound clinical decisions. How will this impact you in your new role as a novice nurse, and improving patient care outcomes? Nurses must be able to communicate effectively verbally, nonverbally, written, and technological means. Describe what communicating effectively means to you when you communicate with patients, families, and members of the health care team. What are some challenges with communicating effectively through verbal, nonverbal, written, and technological means? Discuss how you have applied the nursing process for clients in a safe, compassionate, culturally competent manner that promotes human dignity, and the importance of this in providing patient care. Explain the impact of managing the efficient, effective use of human, physical, financial, and technological resources in providing continuity of care within and across healthcare settings. Nurses must collaborate with individuals, families, and healthcare team members in providing comprehensive, individualized patient care. Why is important for nurses to collaborate with all these members? What are some challenges that can occur in collaborating with these individuals? Are there any legal or ethical considerations? Nurses must be accountable by adhering to standards of professional practice within legal and ethical frameworks. Explain what accountability means to you. Explain how you will be accountable to yourself and to your team members for the quality of care provided to the patient on your unit? What does it mean to be accountable in maintaining professional competence for the RN?  Nurses must continue to promote professional development and personal growth. Nurses must be lifelong learners. Florida has 24 mandated CEU’s that are required every licensing period. What else will you implement in your professional and personal growth development plan? Why should nurses continue to pursue professional development and personal growth?

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