One Child. London, England: Oneworld Publications

Students will complete a critical reflection on the assigned chapters of the book. Students must prepare the reflection with quality writing; content should flow and be appropriate for the assignment. This is NOT merely a summary of what you heard and read, rather a critical analysis of your thoughts and perceptions. If your reflection is simply a summary, you may not earn the maximum points.

As you reflect on the assigned reading, consider things such as:

What is the overall theme of these chapters?
What issue(s) is the author attempting to shed light on?
How do these chapters relate to global health concepts discussed in class?
Concepts that I do not clearly understand…
Questions I might ask the author about her writing
The aforementioned questions are not conclusive, but rather suggestions to assist you in writing the reflection.

Students must submit at least 3-4 complete paragraphs for full credit.

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