Operation Management, Financial Management, and Managerial Decision Making

Read the lecture notes for lecture 9, review one of the recommended articles, and the following questions:

(used in the business simulation, input table “Operations Management”)

Discussion should be about 250-300 words,

ask a question at the end of the discussion,

and need two replies, 100 words for each.

recommended ariticles:

MIT Sloan Management Review, What to Expect From Agile, Birkinshaw, J, Winter 2018, pp. 39-42
Competitive Advantage Through Innovation: The Case of Nespresso, Alexander B., EJIM, 2016 Vol. 19 Iss. 1, pp.133-148
HBR, You need an innovation strategy, Pisano G
MIT Sloan Management Review, How useful is the theory of disruptive innovation, King A at al, Fall 2015, pp. 76-88

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