Operations Management: Tim Horton’s company

have chosen the company Tim Horton’s. In the research phase of your Learning Group Project, your group will consider the possible sources of information you will need to consider for preparing your report. It is important that you collect information from a variety of sources, including information from the organization, reports and articles from the popular press (like those most often found through Google), and academic sources, such as those found in monographs and juried articles in journals (which you will find in our Library and Google Scholar).
Your group lead will guide you to follow the plan for research that you set up in the Learning Group Project Plan. As you proceed, you may find that you need to modify your plan.
If your group finds that they need to modify Part 2 of the Learning Group Project Plan, you should document those changes and include them in the deliverables.
Your group should remember in this phase that the task of the project is to investigate organization design issues in the organization that you are researching. While your final paper should include a description of the organization, most of the discussion will focus on structure and design as they support your organization’s values and strategy. It is helpful at this point to review the topics of the units and chapters of the text to guide you toward the issues that your organization faces.

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