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Evaluate the role of leadership on organizational behavior

  • Provide the name of the corporation you will be using as the basis for this project.
  • Provide the organization’s purpose or mission statement.
  • Describe the organization’s industry.
  • Provide the name and position of the person interviewed during this portion of the assignment (indicate as much pertinent information (e.g., length of service with company, previous roles in the company, educational background, etc.).
  • Provide the list of interview questions you asked the manager/executive.
  • Indicate which two – three of the following concepts from this competency that you intend to evaluate the organization/team on and describe the company’s/team’s current situation with each topic you’ve selected:
    • Power and politics
    • Communication
    • Organizational leadership
    • Organizational structure
    • Organizational change
  • Provide citations in APA format for any references.
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