Organizational Behavior Recommendations

In the third part of the case write-up, present your solutions and recommendations. Be comprehensive, and make sure they are in line with the previous analysis so that the recommendations fit together and move logically from one to the next. The recommendations section is very revealing because, as mentioned earlier, your instructor will have a good idea of how much work you put into the case from the quality of your recommendations.

Following this framework will provide a good structure for most written reports, though obviously it must be shaped to fit the individual case being considered. Some cases are about excellent companies experiencing no problems. In such instances, it is hard to write recommendations. Instead, you can focus on analyzing why the company is doing so well, using that analysis to structure the discussion. Following are some minor suggestions that can help make a good analysis even better.

Ummm it’s a group protect so my part is strictly the conclusion/ solutions and all that other stuff part

Does everything make sense I can clear up any questions would have the textbook to my class help as a resource ?

Kinicki, A. and Fugate, M. (2018). Organizational Behavior (2nd Edition), New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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