Organizational communication during a pandemic

You are to conduct an examination of your organization’s external environment. Essentially I want to know how well or poorly your company has been communicating since the rise of the

pandemic began, i.e. how are they communicating with their customers, employees, the public
and the press. AND how these entities communicate back to them.
This is NOT a marketing strategy or a branding assignment. It is an analysis of their aforementioned external communication while bringing into play class and book concepts.
Literally, I want you to look at their communication out: advertisements, social media
communication (and house organs if you can find them), and communication about/to them:
press articles, social media responses, (even Youtube videos etc.). Along with
examples/information from book/class, I do want your educated opinion on how well, or how
poorly they are doing.

you can also talking about how the public looks to them, and what does he press say about them
The company I am looking at is DVF (Diane von Furstenberg) and the platform I will be looking at is INSTAGRAM, so please check their instagram page.
Also, take a look at companies mission/vision, target audience,etc…
Keep in mind this is a content analysis on the company and how they communicate with the outside world. Dont only limit the analysis on covid, talk about other stuff also.

Please apply concepts from the ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATION approaches and process 7th addition book by Katherine Miller from chapters 9,12,13, 14.

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