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Business processes are important to communicate an organization’s best practices as they leverage themselves against competitors. Some benefits of business processes are that in the long-run, gains may be realized in cost reduction, meeting customers’ expectations, and streamlining business operations. Business process management then focuses on workflow which may hinder good performance. Identify a business process for which there is not yet a workflow diagram, explain the situation, and devise a workflow to address the problem. Defend your workflow and identify any areas of concern that may hinder successful implementation and a proposed remedy to that concern. Embed course material concepts, principles and theories, which require supporting citations SOURCES SHOULD BE NOT OLD THAN 5 YEARS THE PLAGIARISM SHOULD BE NOT OVER 20% USE TITLES AS REQUESTED IN APA STYLE Current sources are those published within the most recent five-year period (2015-2019).  I would like to inform you that depend on the paper the Dr will ask question to answer it in small paragraph  , so is it ok with you  Korkulu, S., & Bona, K. (2019). Ergonomics as a social component of sustainable lot-sizing: A review. Periodica Polytechnica: Social and Management Sciences, 27(1), 1-8. Schwarzmuller, T., Brosi, P., Duman, D., & Welpe, I. M. (2018). How does the digital transformation affect organizations? Key themes of change in work design and leadership. Management Revue, 29(2), 114-138. Recommended Rezagholi, M. (2019). Demands for multidimensional information on the work environment: A methodological framework for regular studies. Work, 63(1), 9–20.

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