Outline about Domestic Violence

Directions: The purpose of an outline is to highlight main ideas and effectively organize information and research. Effective structure, argumentative details, and professional delivery define the effective communication of an idea. Your research outline will be presented as a sentence outline. As the name suggests, the sentence outline presents complete thoughts in complete sentences as opposed to phrases. In each section of the outline, choose ideas with the goal of developing your argument through detailed research questions, subtopics, and research. Use a complete sentence to provide the response to each of the questions below. Use APA documentation for the final section of the proposal to document any sources referenced in your proposal. Remember to put at least two items at any given level of the outline, as shown in this template and the sample proposal.

Sample Template:

I. Introduction
A. Topic
1. What is your primary research question?
2. What is your angle/ working thesis?
B. Context/Background
1. Justify for your reader why the topic is important.
2. Summarize the topic for your reader and explain basic background information that they will need to understand your argument (i.e. definitions, key statistics, etc.)
C. Audience
1. Who is your primary audience?
2. Does your audience share your opinions and values? (Determine if the audience
is on your side or if they may be skeptical.)
II. Structure of Argument
A. Define the Problems
1. What research have you gathered about this issue so far?
2. What research do you still need to gather?
B. Define the Solutions
1. What research have you gathered so far? (What have you found that supports your purpose and angle?)
2. What research do you need to gather to help develop solutions?
III. Conclusion
A. What are you proposing to achieve with your project?
B. What questions or concerns do you have about your project or the writing process?

IV. References (must be correctly formatted according to APA).




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