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This writing assignment will require you to do some research of your own. Please start with peer reviewed articles to augment your own thoughts. You may respond to this question in the first-person narrative, however, I will encourage you to write in the third person narrative – the perspective of a researcher/observer/scientist. Develop a thesis statement and support the statement with evidence. This paper is to be presented in APA format, about 3-5 pages in length. This writing assignment is worth 20 points. Have fun! Identify a healthcare leader (or organization) that has demonstrated leadership agility and effective crisis management during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Describe new (or escalating) pressures faced due to the Pandemic. Describe how 2 or more of these enterprise techniques are being implemented:  Transparent communication Wellbeing resources Helping the workforce adapt to new ways of working, or Pivoting business models

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