Personal Anthology


Prompt: In a formal reflection, pick any five texts (stories or poems) we’ve read over the course of the semester and develop an answer to the questions: Why do these texts matter to you? Requirements:  Establish a thesis that unifies why the texts matter to you.  Provide commentary on each of the five texts that make up the anthology, using evidence and explanation to help readers understand your ideas.  Create an organizational strategy that emphasizes your ideas and guides a reader.  Write a title that comes from the ideas in your reflection.  You should include the full texts as attachments but do not include them in the same file as the reflection.  Use MLA format (Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1” margins) and parenthetical citations.  Write at least 1200 words but no more than 2000. A works cited page does not count toward your word count but should be included. Links to choose the poems from:

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