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Learning Activity #5: Personality Theories Paper

  • Read Chapter 11 of your Meyers textbook.
  • Write a 2-3-page paper (500 to 750 words) on the Psychodynamic and Humanistic views of personality. Address the following:
  • Describe personality through the eyes of Psychodynamic theory, highlighting Sigmund Freud’s perspective on human nature/behavior.
  • Explain the id, ego, superego as well as the main tenants of psychoanalysis.
  • Explain defense mechanisms, naming and describing at least two or three.
  • Describe personality through the eyes of the Humanistic perspective.
  • Describe Carl Roger’s humanistic view of personality
  • Describe Abraham Maslow’s humanistic view of personality
  • Finally, provide your personal reflection on both Psychodynamic and Humanistic personality theory in light of your Christian Worldview.
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