At the end of Ch. 10 Hume, find the Post-Reading Reflections questions. Answer questions 5, 7, and 8. Also in your essay, respond to the For Deeper Consideration question on page 305 in the text.

2. KANT ESSAY: Invent your own Kant-topic. Anything goes! … as long as your essay centers on one or more of his philosophical theories and includes your own ideas and points of view. Take a traditional approach to your essay or be creative. Include a title for your essay.

3. JOHN STUART MILL ESSAY: Choose three of Mill’s ideas or theories. Explain them, and say how they could concretely improve our lives or the world, today.

three well-written and thorough essays that exhibit a solid attempt to substantively answer the following essay questions. Integrate into your essays relevant cited material from the text.

There is no length requirement for the essays, attention to a thorough discussion of each question should be your primary focus. Thorough essays usually require about 4-6 substantive paragraphs each.


 three well-written and thorough essays  Integrate into your essays relevant cited material from the text in MLA style.  book Archetypes of Wisdom: An Introduction to Philosophy
description , Single Spacing
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