Physical child development

Chapter 8

Explain the roles of the prefrontal cortex and limbic system in early childhood. What are their functions? How do they differ? What changes occur in a child’s behavior as a result of the maturing limbic system and prefrontal cortex?

Define gross and fine motor skills, providing at least two examples of each.

Define child maltreatment and mention the reasons for discrepancies between reported and substantiated child maltreatment.

Chapter 9

Explain at least three main characteristics of preoperational thinking.

Explain and discuss the process of fast-mapping and the related idea of logical extension. Give an example of each concept.

Intensive early-childhood programs have been implemented in the United States. Give at least four examples of ways in which children benefit from early intervention (in the short term or the long term).

Chapter 10

Explain the difference between sex and gender as described in the text. Give three examples of gender schema.

Discuss the role of emotional regulation in the psychosocial development of the child. What are two signs of emotional regulation in children?

Name and describe the three different types of play. Explain why each type is important for a child’s psychosocial development.


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