Agency Showcase: Piktochart Posts and Feedback 22 unread replies.77 replies. PART 1: Please post : your Piktochart URL with agency/program Name your agency/program brochure PART 2: Agency Showcase Feedback: Complete steps 1-2: 1. Choose 3 Piktochart showcases. Choose agencies/programs that you are interested in exploring further as a CYC. 2. For each of the 3 Piktochart showcases, post responses to the following: What was effective about this Piktochart Showcase? i.e. professionally organized, detailed information, creative, etc What could have been modified? What was effective about the brochure? What could have been modified? What role does the CYC have at the agency/program? As a CYC, what appeals to you about working at this agency/program? what doesn’t?

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