Planetary Health Diet


Objective: Review the links below on the EAT- Lancet Commission on Food, Planet and Health. Familiarize yourself with the science presented and the Planetary Health Diet. Use the information from the site to write a 500-word essay about one of the Great Food Transformation strategies (there are 5 strategies). Use at least 3 different (not the lancet article on EAT-Lancet commission) peer-reviewed journal articles to support your discussion of the strategy and how it can improve human health and the environment. Make sure to link the Planetary Health Diet in your discussion. Reflect on reading this information and what kind of changes you could make to your diet to become more sustainable and healthier. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Other Information: Peer-reviewed articles to support your discussions is required and at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles need to be included and in-text citations should be used. Please use AMA citation style. Please do not use direct quotes.

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