This week’s graded topic relates to the following Course Outcome (CO).

CO 5: Develops a plan for continued personal and professional development through enrollment in graduate education, continuing education programs, certification attainment, professional reading, and participation in professional organizations and service to the community. (PO#5)

During the assigned week:

Posts in the discussion at least two times, and
Posts in the discussion on two different days
Points Possible
50 points


Discussions are designed to promote dialogue between faculty and students, and students and their peers. In discussions students:

Demonstrate understanding of concepts for the week
Integrate outside scholarly sources when required
Engage in meaningful dialogue with classmates and/or instructor
Express opinions clearly and logically, in a professional manner
Use the rubric on this page as you compose your answers.
Best Practices include:
Participation early in the week is encouraged to stimulate meaningful discussion among classmates and instructors.
Enter the discussion often during the week to read and learn from posts.
Select different classmates for your reply each week.

Discussion Questions

Now that each one of you is very close to completing this major accomplishment in your nursing career, please share your professional development plans to keep up to date in your chosen specialty and nursing in general.

In what professional nursing organizations do you currently participate?
What organizations might you think about participating in for the future?
What nursing certifications are you considering?
How might the consideration of continuing your education to pursue a graduate degree fit into your future plans?

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