Police brutality against black america. Why are their feelings ignored?


Please go to the Online Writing Lab and define the above 4 terms (Ethos, Pathos, Logos, Kairos). Then, consider how you might write this paper with each of these four elements in mind. Write a paragraph each planning on how to make sure your Exploratory handles each of these four elements well. Read 10 peers’ posts; respond if you’d like to I firmly believe that the best time to write a great introduction is after you’ve drafted the paper. However, working on phrasing your ideas and concepts into an organized introduction, complete with a TITLE and a THESIS STATEMENT, and all the MAIN IDEAS you expect to write about in the paper will help you get going on your focused writing. So post that here now. And then, when you are getting read to revise your final draft of your paper, go back and revise your introduction to make sure all your main ideas really do show up there and to make sure your thesis is stated as clearly as you can. Those were the steps to complete the paper, but the work i actually need done is the first half draft. She asked that we use the resources from our first paper in this one. Paper must touch on ethos, pathos, logos and kairos. It’s basically a Exploratory essay

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