Policy Advocacy Project Part A


Note: The “Proposal” component of the Policy Advocacy Project accounts for 10% of the final course grade and the “Report” component accounts for 20% of the final course grade. Summed together, these two submissions represent the complete Policy Advocacy Project and account for 30% of the final course grade. Policy Advocacy Project Overview: Nurses are important advocates for patients and health policy. For the Policy Advocacy Project you will need to identify a piece of legislation that you would like to advocate for by speaking with an appropriate elected official in your district, state, etc. The project contains two parts that you will submit for grading, the proposal and the report. In the Part A, the proposal, you will explain the legislation you have selected to advocate for and identify the appropriate elected official (or staff member) with whom you will speak. In Part B, the report, you will research the position of the elected official on the legislation you chose. Then, you will summarize a hypothetical meeting with that elected official. The report component will be due near the end of the course. Proposal Directions: Identify an appropriate piece of legislation that you would like to advocate for as a nurse. There are multiple ways to find your legislation information and the legislator involved: To determine your state representatives, visit https://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/ (Links to an external site.) Also, provide the names of your US Congressperson and Senator. This person will go to Washington DC to represent your district/state. For the US Congress/House of Representatives, visit http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/. (Links to an external site.) For the US Senate, visit https://www.senate.gov/reference/reference_index_subjects/Directories_vrd.htm (Links to an external site.) Visit Congress.gov to track progress: https://www.congress.gov/ (Links to an external site.) to find the legislation. Follow the brief video tutorial that will show you how to find the legislation: https://galen.screencasthost.com/watch/cqioYsOrtW (Links to an external site.) In your assignment submission, please provide the following information: Your name The full name of the legislation Name of the State Identify whether the legislation is State or Federal bill/law Where will the bill be voted on The House or The Senate Identify the name of the legislator to be contacted Provide the URL link to the legislator’s website Describe the proposed legislation. Explain why you think the legislation is important or relevant. Please note that the elected official or staff member whom you would plan on contacting to advocate for this legislation should work at the State (senator or representative) or Federal level. Please include APA citations and references for any cited materials. The proposal should be about 100-200 words in length. Please keep in mind: You are advocating for pending You cannot choose something that has already passed because if that is the case, no advocacy is necessary. You must specify the exact piece of legislation in your You must refer to this by the appropriate title. For example Title VIII funding, H. R. 952, etc. The elected official you contact must have the authority to vote for the proposed legislation. The mayor, governor, or assemblyman (woman) of a city would have no legislative authority and therefore would not be appropriate. You are most likely going to contact a state or federal member of Congress (House or Senate). You may use the template found in the unit module or write an APA formatted paper.

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