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You will be utilizing the Welsh and Harris 7 Stage Model for Planned Change for your semester project (found in the Welsh & Harris text).  You will choose an issue of interest to you.  You then have two options:  1.  You will propose a new policy, program, or project; 2. You will evaluate an existing policy, program, or project.  You should assume that your reader knows nothing about your topic, and your paper  should be prepared for general audiences.   Your paper should include the following outline: Introduction – This helps introduce what your topic is, and it provides a road map (thesis) for your paper.   Likely this will be several paragraphs.  Discussion Paragraphs –  This will form most of your paper.  You will work, systematically, through the seven stages of the Welsh & Harris 7 Stage Model for Planned Change.  Each section should be titled according to each stage (Analyzing the Problem, Setting Goals and Objectives, Program or Policy Design, Action Planning, Program or Policy Implementation, Evaluating Outcomes, and Reassessment and Review).  Conclusion – This should sum up your overall findings of your review or the major tenets of your proposed initiative.  The reader should be able to read this section and understand the important aspects of your topic. If you are evaluating, you need to make a determination whether or not the policy/program/project is effective.  If you are developing a new project, you need to indicate what will impact the likelihood of its success. Each paper should be 13 pages in length, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman font, and double spaced.  You will need to utilize APA format for your paper, be sure you review all components, including a title page, abstract, and references (which do not count toward your 13 pages).

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