Positioning of the product/service

Description of the Project


Use your knowledge of Services Marketing and “show us Marketing”. In this assignment you will create/conceptualize a service business, e.g. hotels, transportation, restaurant, banking, insurance etc. . There are two outcomes of this assignment: 1. To produce a final report. 2.To deliver a Max 10 minute professional presentation. The presentation may take the form of posters, creative power points, drama, skits etc, whatever mode you deem appropriate to “show” your findings. The following discussions should be included in your team’s final report.

~An Executive Summary of the overall project

~Discussion of the product/service

˜Discussion of the target audience (who are they)

~Discussion of the positioning of the product/service/ this is my part

~The distribution channel/s to be used by the company to get products to consumers ( internet, brick/mortar etc). Also outline which of the ways to distribute service will be used and why eg. Will customers go to the service provider?

~The promotion processes to be used e.g. advertising, public relations, trade shows etc. Include also the various modes of advertising used (e.g. Newspaper, TV, Internet etc.

~ A discussion of the prices to be charged based on the TRIPOD (cost, competition and value)



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